Down To The Bone Iii


Having formed in Melbourne in 2003, the current line-up of the band comprises of Rusty (vocals), Pete Robinson (guitar and vocals) Alex Raunjak (bass guitar), Brett Wood (guitar and vocals), Davey Porter (drums) and have so far released 3 albums – Four Hands High (2004), Down to the Bone (2008) and III (2011). Full of guitar riffs from the start, gravelly rock vocals and an impressive rhythm I was hooked from the first listen. Fortunately I was able to get my hands on the last 2 albums as having heard a few songs I needed to hear a lot more of them.

Down To The Bone and III are what rock music is all about, 2 albums of musical genius that rocks from the start to the finish. Songs such as Let Me Out, All Eyes On Me, O.I.C, One Foot In The Grave and All Come Down are riff upon riff before the vocals of Rusty tell you this band knows how to do rock music. Right Down To The Bone, One In A Million, Stained and Bone On Bone all have an addictive bass sound along with dirty riffs and a bit of a bluesy vibe. Sorry is like rock music on speed, the sound bounces through the speakers and the pace of the song is relentless, whilst So Cruel has a resonating vocal over a gritty rock sound. Long Time Coming, Luv Me, Busted, Lies and No One’s Perfect all have that stunning rock sound that Electric Mary have certainly perfected. No One Does It Better Than Me is something I have to agree with, a fast paced track with thumping drums, this band are not boasting about how great they sound in the title of the song and Rusty certainly lives up to his word. All the songs on both albums are full of epic vocals, guitars, bass and drums, an explosion of rock vocals and great guitar riffs.

The band have released an EP this August, The Last Great Hope and are on a tour of the UK in November so definitely a band to see live if they are at a venue near you as they are playing most of the major cities around England.

If like me you are not aware of this band then you need to go and check them out as like me you will be amazed at how great Electric Mary sound and it won’t be long until you want their albums in your collection as well. In the meantime I am off to search out that elusive first album, yes I know it is available to download but I am old school and I want a proper CD copy.

The website for Electric Mary is where you can find all the details you need, they are also on Facebook, Twitter @ElectricMary, Spotify, Myspace and iTunes for those that aren’t quite so fussy and wish to download their awesome tunes.