The Unravelling

Calgary based The Unravelling have released a new song ‘Revolt’.

The Unravelling’s blend of industrial and hard rock reflects the infectious intensity of its creators.

Lead vocalist Steve Moore was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. Following Moore’s recent recovery from cancer, The Unravelling are now back and more focused than ever. Their new single ‘Revolt’ has a heaviness to it, with raw and powerful vocals over a barren soundscape that ties in well with the lyrics of the song, leaving a sense of imagery to the music.

The band’s debut full-length, the psychoanalytic concept album 13 Arcane Hymns, was listed in Suite 101’s Top Heavy Metal Albums of 2010. called the release “a surprising firebomb of an album,” while Pitch Black Magazine called it “a 13-track emotional and industrial-infused metal masterpiece.”