Hair Of The Dog

Scottish rock trio Hair Of The Dog have released their second album ‘The Siren’s Song’, and is a follow up to the their debut self-titled album released in 2014.

Taking influences from classic rock of the 70’s the band make their own distinctive sounds, with the opening instrumental track ‘Into The Storm’ setting the pace and intensity of the album, that has wave after wave of powerful riffs pulverising their way through the song. However it is when the vocals crash in on the second track ‘You Soft Spoken Thing’, that the album really takes it a notch higher, as the gravelly and edgy vocals add another dimension to the sound of this band. With influences of stoner and blues as well, tracks such as ‘Don’t Know My Name’ and ‘Wage With The Devil’ groove their way through the impressive riffs with a blues rock vibe, and even from the first listen, this is an album that you fall in love with. ‘Weary Bones’ with its stripped back sound is an excellent contrast to the other tracks such as ‘My Only Home’ and ‘The Siren’s Song Pt.2’, that transport you back to a time when rock was at its very finest.

Heavy rhythms make this album sound more than a trio and although it does has a classic sound to it, there are some thing things that just sound so right, and ‘The Siren’s Song’ is one them.

According to their bio they are “bringing back classic 70’s rock one riff at a time” and this album is certainly testament to that. Hair Of The Dog have added to keeping that legacy alive with an excellent second album.

The album is available from Hair Of The Dog’s bandcamp page, as a digital download and in CD format:

‘The Siren’s Song’ Track Listing:

1. Into The Storm
2. You Soft Spoken Thing
3. Don’t Know My Name
4. The Spell
5. Weary Bones
6. Gypsy Eyes
7. My Only Home
8. Wage with the Devil
9. The Siren’s Song Pt.1
10. The Siren’s Song Pt.2