Norwegian based Lionhorse will be releasing their new single ‘The Butterfly Effect’ on 2nd March. This the first song to be released from their forthcoming album ‘The Boy and The Sun’ which is due for release on 25 May via RhinoProd Records.

Formed in 2012, Eirik Lian (Vocal/Guitar), Håvard B. Ophaug (Guitar), Inge Hanshus (Drums) and Mads Saurstrø (Bass) describe themselves as “Artic Smog”. Recording the songs for the album live brings an edge to the new single, with pounding drums from the outset before the guitars and vocals join in to make this a powerful song. With well thought out lyrics, the single from Lionhorse is a brilliant sounding track.

Commenting on the new release, Mads Saurstrø from the band said, “This is the winter soundtrack of True Detective, the lost riff of Pearl Jam, and the raw edges of Neil Young. This is rock from one of the outposts of our planet”.

The single will be available as a download from iTunes, and Amazon. It will also be streamed on Spotify.

The website for the band is www. They are on Facebook and @lionhorse_music