Austin garage punk trio Pollen are about to release their second EP ‘Buyer’s’ on 10th March.

Pollen was formed in 2013 by Ben Hirsch (Guitar/Vocals), Maud Morgan (Bass/Vocals) and Andy Palmer (Drums) and released their debut self-titled EP in 2014. Their latest release follows on from their previous cultural observations by reflecting their experience of life in 2015 America. The first single from the EP will be ‘Supply Chain’.

Full of heavy sounding tunes with a slight punk and indie tone to them, the band also try to highlight social issues with their well-crafted lyrics. With plenty of distorted sounding guitars and vocals, they manage to convey a feeling of living in the modern world with their music.

Ben Hirsch from the band described one of the central themes of the EP as “Despite its obvious ridiculousness, we are all ‘partners’ and ‘sandwich artists’ and ‘team members’ – even as we are unpaid interns.”

The new EP is being released on both digital download and cassette which can be pre-ordered from their bandcamp page http://pollenatx.bandcamp.com/track/packaging

The band are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Pollenatx and Twitter @Pollenatx

‘Buyer’s’ EP Track Listing:

1. Supply Chain
2. Brand Loyalty
3. Packaging
4. J-5
5. Offices Empty