Best Of 2014

It’s that time of year where the lists of the best of 2014 are appearing on music blogs and websites but having had one of the best years of music, here at Rock And Roll Creations it is impossible to list a top picks for the year. Plus it is not just about a favourite song or album that has made 2014 brilliant, it is about all of those involved in getting music heard.

In a year that saw Gene Simmons from Kiss make even more of a tit of himself by declaring that rock was dead, the rock scene poured scorn on such an idea and proved him entirely wrong. Every music release, every video, every gig has given moments of pleasure to music fans across the globe.

Unfortunately it has not been without its casualties with the constant financial pressures and sadly a number of bands have had to call it a day as well as a number of venues closing, which has led to a vigorous campaign in the UK to change legislation over noise abatement and to keep the heart of the live scene beating, with The Music Venue Trust campaigning to make sure small venues do not have to fight to remain open because of out-dated laws.

So the best of 2014 has been about the singles and EP’s that have been released by every band or artist this year, who have contributed both time and money to make it in the first place, and then worked hard in getting the music out there to fans. Then there has been the albums from debut ones to further albums from established bands. In what has been a strong year for rock with a number of releases making it to high positions in the charts whether it was from CD’s, vinyl or downloads, there is still the appetite out there for music. Whether they have had the backing of a label or being independent, have funded the music themselves or have been helped by fan funding, producing quality music has played a big part in making the year full of memorable songs.

Live music has also played a big part in making this year a success, with bands trawling across the country to play all sizes of venues from the small pub to sold-out stadiums and festivals, bringing with them an amazing live experience. It’s also been about the venues and promoters who work tirelessly to ensure any music fan can see a live show on pretty much any day of the week throughout the year.

It has also been about getting the music heard in the first place, from bands and their fans sharing their music with friends and social media playing a big part of that, to the record companies and radio stations, music streaming sites and those that write about it such as my fellow bloggers and music websites have all had a vital part to play.

Finally the best of this year has to include the music fans that have bought the singles and albums, have been to see the band live, have bought the merchandise and championed a particular favourite band or artist, knowing that this kind of support is what keeps bands making music. Those fans that still believe in buying music in whatever format, and who buy tickets to see the bands live and travel to venues to keep music alive.

On a personal note the best of 2014 for me has been about hearing more great music than could ever be listed, going to every gig that has been brilliant, meeting some great bands, being able to write about my music obsession, the lovely comments and every one of the thousands of people that have read my blog along with the shares and likes, all the people I have met through music and the endless hours of pleasure connecting with people on social media who have all made it one of the most awesome years in my many decades of having a love of music.

So I make no apologies for not doing the usual standard list as every single person connected with music has contributed something to being part of the best of 2014.