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Interview: RavenEye Share Their Vision For ‘NOVA’


UK hard rock trio RavenEye release their stunning debut album ‘NOVA’ on 23rd September via Frontiers Music srl, which has already received numerous rave reviews, and the release of four songs from the album has created a mammoth buzz across social media, as the excitement builds for fans in anticipation of hearing the album in full. Continue reading “Interview: RavenEye Share Their Vision For ‘NOVA’”

Iron Bastards Have A Reason

Iron Bastards

In anticipation of their new album ‘Boogie Woogie Violence’ which is due for release on 11th September, Iron Bastards have released 2 songs.
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Vast Robot Armies Are Coming To Invade With New Music

Vast Robot Armies

Canadian/US band Vast Robot Armies came about from the a mutual appreciation between two bands, Vast Robot Armies in the original line up form and Sundriver.
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Projected Images Release 2 New Singles

Projected Images

London based alternative rock 3 piece Projected Images have released 2 new singles ‘Forget Myself’ and ‘Sold Out’. Full of crushing riffs, with an impressive sounding rhythm and melodic vocals, this is a band who are creating a buzz on the music scene.
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The Best Of 2014

Best Of 2014

It’s that time of year where the lists of the best of 2014 are appearing on music blogs and websites but having had one of the best years of music, here at Rock And Roll Creations it is impossible to list a top picks for the year. Plus it is not just about a favourite song or album that has made 2014 brilliant, it is about all of those involved in getting music heard.
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