Release date: September 23rd via Wind-Up Records/Nuclear Blast (Europe)

Pennsylvania four piece Crobot are set to release their sophomore album ‘Welcome To Fat City’ in September, following on from their critically acclaimed debut album.

The second album. Quite often talked about in hushed tones as being difficult and when Crobot released one of the best ever debut albums, ‘Something Supernatural’ originally back in 2014, there is a fleeting thought of are they going to be able to top that? But as they opening riffs of ‘Welcome To Fat City’ flow through the speaker, and the soaring vocals of Brandon Yeagley make a welcome return, all that rock goodness you come to expect from this band is very much apparent. Taking you on a musical extravaganza of deep-set bass lines and a pulverising beat, ‘Play It Cool’ not only has cowbell, which is excellent just by itself, but the powerful vocals compliment the heavy set guitar that Chris Bishop manages to make sing with the range of riffs and notes in each song. This is classic Crobot, but a brighter, better Crobot that has just taken their sound to yet another level. Touching on various subjects including corporate consciousness, money, and debt, the album is thematic about making your own way in life, and ‘Easy Money’ continues to draw on those experiences with a pulsating stoner groove and sleazy harmonica, which weaves a vibrant picture of the song itself.

‘Not For Sale’, the first single to be taken from the album is another riff monster and the bass of Jake Figueroa really comes to the fore on this one, which hugs the huge vocals and the line “who paid your debt to be here” becomes a mantra of power. A slower tempo to ‘Hold On For Dear Life’ is a welcome breather after the fast pace of the previous tracks, and wrapped up in fuzzy over tones, their unique sound comes alive and unleashes a melody with measured intensity. ‘Temple In The Sky’ continues to up the ante with multiple layers of sound, and the drums of Paul Figueroa bulldoze their way through ‘Right Between The Eyes’, as the heavy stoner vibe courses through it and punches you in the face as the song suggests. ‘Blood On The Snow’ and ‘Steal The Show’ ring out with mesmerising heaviness and your heart rate soars along with vocals at just how good this entire album is sounding. Riffs to die for sonically challenge your ears and the entire band plays their individual parts to perfection as ‘Moment Of Truth’ with its dirty, slower tempo engulfs you in a crescendo of sound. ‘Plague Of Mammoths’ wraps up the album with the same consistent brilliance that has been heard throughout and gives one final glimpse of greatness from Crobot, before reaching for the repeat button immediately as one play is never going to be enough.

‘Welcome To Fat City’ once again is an album that you instantly fall in love with from the very first note, and being another awesome record from the band, the only difficulty you are going to have from now on is which Crobot album you are going to want to play first.


‘Welcome To Fat City’ Track listing:

  1. Welcome To Fat City
  2. Play It Cool
  3. Easy Money
  4. Not For Sale
  5. Hold On For Dear Life
  6. Temple In The Sky
  7. Right Between The Eyes
  8. Blood On The Snow
  9. Steal The Show
  10. Moment Of Truth
  11. Plague Of The Mammoths

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