Release date: 23rd September 2016 via Frontiers Music srl

Back in December 2014, we saw a band play live on their first tour and it was one of those rare moments where you knew instantly that they had something very special about them and would go on to much greater things. That band was RavenEye and their debut album ‘NOVA’ is about to launch them into global recognition.

With Oli Brown on vocals/guitar and Aaron Spiers on bass duties/backing vocals, they have also enlisted the talents of drummer Gunnar Olsen (Bruce Springsteen, Goo Goo Dolls), along with Grammy Award winning producer Warren Riker (Santana, Lauyrn Hill, Fugees), who also worked his magic on their debut ‘Breaking Out’ EP, and his touch is apparent throughout as the production is pretty much perfection, with just the right balance across the entire album.

When a bands reputation has been built, in part, from them being a stellar live act, it is sometimes difficult to capture that same energy in the studio environment. But on the very first listen to ‘NOVA’, it is evident that not only have RavenEye managed to retain the wonderment of their shows but have also created a magical soundscape, which explodes into a kaleidoscope of aurual pleasure as you immerse yourself in their sonic journey over the eleven tracks.

One of those albums that you need to listen to in its entirely on the first play with the headphones cranked, the opening song ‘Wanna Feel You’ starts with a hypnotic riff before the rhythm crashes into the song. The almost sensual vocals make this a believable track and the psychedelic instrumental break pulsates to make this a vibrant opener, leaving you drawing breath at the power from the very first song alone. ‘Come With Me’ keeps up the pace, with a pulverising drum and rhythm section that compliments the raw power from the vocals, and a harmonsied backing vocal makes this a mammoth track from the outset. Recent single ‘Inside’ is a filthy riff monster of a song, that finds you turning it up just a notch higher and as Oli screams “I’m animalistic” you can feel the potency ooze out of every pore as the lyrics are delivered at breakneck speed to a fuzzgasmic bass line, and the melodic dual harmonies in the chorus are a delicious contrast.

Following on with another single, ‘Hero ’is too damn catchy for words. As with all the lyrics by this band, each song can be identified with as they seem to speak to you personally, and as “who are you to me” is sung, this is becomes an anthem to the disaffected. Topping it off with a massive riff and a sexy bassline, once again this is another winner. With the heavy rock continuing to stamp its mark all over the tracks, ‘Supernova’ burns slowly in the first few notes as the substantial vocals rise into a crescendo of sound, which grows in enormity as the track plays through and this is their very own dog star in a constellation of colossal songs. If ever there was a track suited to be the James Bond Theme, then ‘Walls’ is this song. Big production, big riffs, big vocals, a shredding guitar solo, it has such an enormous cinematic sound to it that the band should be in serious contention for the next film.

‘Oh My Love’, always a favourite live, takes on another dimension with the studio version. A hazy introduction belies the power that is unleashed into a maelstrom of fuzz, that gets down deep and dirty in a primal way and leaves you begging for more. The heart certainly races with ‘Madeline’ with an earworm of a chorus, which introduces a darker side to those standard love songs . This track has a myriad of twists and turns which keeps you in your toes with the various tempo changes that are executed within it and is a perfect mirror of the contrasting lyrics of the song. ‘Hate’ is one of those songs that you crank up to the max and scream out the words when the anger engulfs you. “..You’re nothing to me” are the words we have always wanted to say at some point in time to someone and the music compliments the animosity as it packs a punch of monumental proportions. With no let up to the towering levels of all the songs so far, ‘Out Of The Rain’ continues with the signature RavenEye sound of electrifying guitars complimented by a thunderous rhythm, as the immense vocals soar over the lush melodies,  which has been heard throughout the entire album as song after song has been one that you instantly fall in love with.

As if reflecting the end of life, the final song ‘Eternity’ slows the pace dramatically, with a delicate acoustic vibe and vocals that tug at the heart strings with their beautiful delivery,  the track then blasts into an opus of sound and like a supernova, marks the end of the album in one gigantic explosion before the song fades to an all-consuming darkness.

With melodies that remain in your head long after the songs have been played and insightful lyrics encompassing an anthology of situations that define who we are, and which we can all connect with, ‘NOVA’ has genuinely surpassed all expectations of how incredible the much anticipated debut full length was going to be and has established them as one of the hottest bands this decade.

In less than two years the band have had a meteoric rise which has seen them become kings of the new frontiers of rock with just their debut EP. With the release of their debut album, this time RavenEye are about to go stratospheric as planet earth discovers ‘NOVA’ is the brightest, most supermassive record of the new millennium.


‘NOVA’ Track listing:

  1. Wanna Feel You
  2. Come With Me
  3. Inside
  4. Hero
  5. Supernova
  6. Walls
  7. Oh My Love
  8. Madeline
  9. Hate
  10. Out Of The Rain
  11. Eternity

You can pre-order the album here: http://smarturl.it/NovaRavenEye

Website: www.raveneyeofficial.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ItsRavenEye

Twitter: @ItsRavenEye

Instagram: @itsraveneye