Palm Desert

Stoner rock band Palm Desert have teamed up with Hevisike Records to release their ‘Adayoff +4 Songs’ EP on vinyl on 27 November 2015.

Originally a self-released EP in 2013, the 6 track EP ‘Adayoff’ was recorded during a one day session in Dzierżoniów. Now Palm Desert have recorded four additional tracks ‘Let It Go’, ‘Shoutstone’, ‘Ain’t Easy’ and ‘Rise Above (Root Version)’ to make this re-release even more special.

From the opening track ‘Leave Me Alone’ with a heavy slab of deep and dirty stoner riffs, the gravelly vocal grooves over the mammoth rhythm and with swirls of distorted notes, the EP is a blast of delicious sounds. From the more delicate ‘End Of The Certain’ instrumental full of rich layers, to the might of ‘Among The Stones’, the re-release of the record on vinyl is going to be a must have for any music connoisseur.

Of the new songs, an additional stripped back instrumental ‘Let It Go’ blends seamlessly with the older tracks, ‘Shoutstone’ bumps and grinds its way through a dirty groove, whilst ‘Aint Easy’ raises the temperature with a faster tempo, and plenty of fuzz added in for good measure. Rounding off with a chant-like ‘Rise Above’, this could be from the southern states in style rather than the depths of Europe, as it’s infectious rhythm rounds off 10 tracks of excellent rock. Lyrically the album deals with the bands hopes and dreams, whilst chronicling life in a country that has gone through enormous change over recent years.

The EP will be available in High Performance Coloured Vinyl:

Strictly limited edition – 150 ultra clear/ blood red marbled (HeviSike Exclusive)
250 solid blood red vinyl

and is available to pre-order from:

Palm Desert are a 5 piece stoner rock band from Wrocław and have released ‘Falls of the Wastelands’ (2010) ‘Rotten Village Sessions ‘, ‘Adayoff’ (both 2013) and ‘Pearls from the muddy hollow’ (2014). The band regularly perform for an ever growing fan base throughout Europe.

HeviSike Records was founded in 2013 as a distributor for imported stoner rock, doom and heavy psychedelic rock from North American and Europe. The label now has 8 album releases including Space Witch, Prophets of Saturn and the first in a series of split albums Mos Generator /Stubb .