Raising Jupiter

Raising Jupiter have released their new single ‘Give Me The News’, which is taken from their recently released EP ‘Chrome’.

‘Give Me The News’ has a mammoth sound, with a riff flowing through the track that engulfs the senses, whilst a melodic vocal, along with a soaring harmony on the chorus, gives a feeling of strength and power to the song. The song deals with the ageing process and how we cope with those moments of frailty but also offers hope that not all news is bad and is an uplifting anthem both musically and lyrically.

Cork based Raising Jupiter have been rising in the music scene over the last couple of years. Releasing their debut album ‘A Better Balance’ in 2014, and two singles ‘Riding On A Wave’ and ‘Tight Rope’, the band have gained over 40,000 followers on social media and received significant airplays, especially in the US.

The ‘Chrome’ EP was produced by Beau Hill, who has worked with Alice Cooper, Europe, Ratt, Kix, Warrant, and contacted the band after hearing them played on local radio in the states. The EP features two new songs ‘Give me the News’, ‘No’ and a remix of ‘These are the Things’. Beau said of their sound: “Raising Jupiter caught my attention with their excellent material, an unusual focus on arrangement details, and progressive melodic hooks…sounds like the recipe for a hit to me”. When someone has worked with such iconic bands, you need to take his word for it, as Raising Jupiter are about to ascend into something far greater.

‘Chrome’ is available from iTunes, Amazon and HMV as a digital download.