Oak Tree Suite

Oak Tree Suite have released a new single ‘Lo Ammi’ via Pavement Records.

The track shimmers with raw ambience and elegance whilst at the same time boasts a sense of intensity and hugeness. It moves between smooth Rhodes and acoustic guitars to driven guitar lines and intense beats throughout the duration of the track, whislt the subtle cynical undertone in the vocals adds another darker element to the track.

Oak Tree Suite admit that even they are surprised about the continuous string of achievements and opportunities this last couple of years have bought with them, but the 2014 J Music Award finalists are continuing to cause a stir both on the western coast and abroad.

Two EP’s down, the band that has supported Evermore (2013), RAN (Indonesian Pop Artists, 2011), and written an Original Sound Track for indie film The Right One. ‘Lo Ammi’ is the first track that, according to front man Matt Garrod, not only captures Oak Tree Suite’s live sound and energy but also pushes the band to new limits.