Escapists continue their return with the slick riffing of affirmative new single ‘What Are You Waiting For’.

Escapists’ new track ‘What Are You Waiting For’ comes off the back of their riveting dance pop return single ‘Eat You Alive’. Keeping everything panoramic and guitar-oriented, ‘What Are You Waiting For’ is an up tempo riff-laden song that explores the vertiginous boundary between action and inaction. It hearkens back to the tender yet brawny sound of their acclaimed debut album ‘Only Bodies’, but through the deft songwriting and recording they’ve achieved in their stop-gap singles since then, it thrums with a life of its own.

Escapists’ debut single was picked up and broadcast by XFM’s John Kennedy and within the year they toured with Imagine Dragons and made their festival debut at Reading and Leeds. Their debut album ‘Only Bodies’ was released in 2014 to general appraisal from the blogosphere. Towards the end of last year they followed it up with the standalone single ‘Faraday Cage’, packaged with a striking update of the Talking Heads classic ‘This Must Be The Place’ – it was a fitting homage to a band who, like Escapists, were bent on pushing the parameters of new wave. This year Escapists remain true grafters and if meaty new single ‘Eat You Alive’ is any indicator, they have built and developed on their previous successes, shed their old skins and morphed into thought-provoking post-punk powerhouses who are decidedly bent on indie disco domination.