Montreal based trio Babysitter have released their self-title album On Psychic Handshake Records.

As well as the new album, their new single ‘Envy’ recently premiered on Pop Matters.

With their self-titled follow-up to 2012’s hit parade, Eye, the Babysitter boys bring their incredible knack for melody to sounds and subjects of a more experimental persuasion. While anthemic songs such as ‘Exploding Youth’ and ‘Envy’ and jangle punk tracks such as ‘Hard Times’ and ‘Maintaining My Direction’ remain the band’s bread and butter, they are complimented by more eclectic songs such as ‘Neighbours Play The Worst Music’ and the down tempo tracks ‘Candy’ and ‘Hippy in the City.’ The resulting album captures the Babysitter you can expect to see live: poignant and hopeful hits tempered by aggressive asides and humourous provocations.

Babysitter is Kristian North, Aden Collinge, and Andy Vanier. Recorded in the band’s new home base, Montreal, by Garrett Johnson (Brazilian Money), Babysitter features long-time collaborator JLK (Moss Lime, JLK & the Assassins, Velvet Chrome) singing back-up and a healthy spattering of sax courtesy of Mr. Vanier.

The album is available from their Bandcamp page in digital download format.

‘Babysitter’ Tracklisting:

1. Exploding Youth
2. Hard Times
3. Hippy in the City
4. Neighbours Play the Worst Music
5. Candy
6. Both Sides How
7. Silky Cloud
8. Maintaining My Direction
9. Cry Like an Eagle
10. soloSOHI (Psychedelic Shit)
11. Envy