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Ruth Carp and The Fish Heads Spread Some Happiness

Ruth Carp and The Fisheads

Sydney based Ruth Carp and The Fish Heads have released their debut 7 track EP ‘It’s This Or The Noose’.
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The Vryll Society Release Debut EP

The Vryll Society

Liverpool based psychedelic indie rockers The Vryll Society will be releasing their debut 4 track EP ‘Pangea’ via Deltasonic Records on 26th October.
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Harnessing The Universe Release Debut Album

Harnessing The Universe

Canadian progressive/stoner/psychedelic rock band Harnessing The Universe have released their debut self-titled album.
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Babysitter Look Out For New Album


Montreal based trio Babysitter have released their self-title album On Psychic Handshake Records.
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The Diamond Center Release Jewel Of An Album

The Diamond Center

Austin, TX based The Diamond Center have released their latest album ‘Crystals for the Brass Empire’.
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Shadow Culture Psyched To Play Live

Shadow Culture

Shadow Culture have released a new video for a live session of their track ‘’Psychosoul’
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The Foreign Films Build Up Their Record Collection

The Foreign Films

Canadian based The Foreign Films have released Side 3 of their double LP ‘The Record Collector’.
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Laurie Shaw Is Going For A Record

Laurie Shaw

Laurie Shaw has released his latest musical offering ‘Lozzabear’.
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