Ruth Carp and The Fisheads

Sydney based Ruth Carp and The Fish Heads have released their debut 7 track EP ‘It’s This Or The Noose’.

With a diverse range of genres, from the dark opening tracks ‘Happiness’ with a brooding rhythm in contrast to the name of the song, and ‘High Fidelity’ with its psychedelic vibe, the 7 tracks offer a myriad of sounds. A garage infused ‘Something About Something’ raises the tempo, whilst the melodic ‘Jimmy’ strips back to a retro influence. The rock and roll ‘Better Red Than Dead’ crashes in with a bang before the diverse vocal interlude ‘I Don’t Think You Love Me’ sums up the inspiration of the record “which is full of songs written during long drunken walks home from the pub” before ending up in ‘Country Pubs’, in homage to what has obviously been a second home. With jangling guitars, awash with fuzz, this grunge infused song rounds off what has been a wave of psychedelic sounds, wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket of delicious melodies and vocals.

Ruth Carp is a ruthless drunk who divides his time evenly between playing guitar, getting high off codeine and drinking alone on park benches. In 2015 after years of playing psych shows with ‘Dead Brian’ he convinced Michael Hennessey (drums), Mitchell Boothey (bass guitar) and Marc Rodriguez (guitar) that they should join his band. The group have created a unique sound that blends Country Rock with Psych Grooves which can only be described as Heroin Chic.

The EP is available from their Bandcamp page as a digital download.

‘It’s This Or The Noose’ Tracklisting:

1. Happiness
2. High Fidelity
3. Something about something
4. Jimmy
5. Better red then dead
6. I don’t think you’ll love me (Interlude)
7. Country pubs