The Foreign Films

Canadian based The Foreign Films have released Side 3 of their double LP ‘The Record Collector’.

The Foreign Films ensure their songwriting presents many different spheres — modern yet classic, cinematic yet deeply personal. This represents a soundtrack of life experiences, weaving sonic elements of the past, present and future into a bittersweet genre-bounding pop. Star gazing and heartbreaking all at once, wrapped up with subtle measures of ‘60s psych pop, UK northern soul and ‘80s new wave, which can all be found through the 6 tracks.

The Foreign films is the brainchild of Bill Majoros, who has drawn from his influences that include 60s British, French and West Coast Pop, Vintage soul, 70s singer songwriter and a touch of Art/Prog, and will be releasing the entire double LP over the space of a year.

‘The Record Collector (Side 3)’ is available as a digital download from:

‘The Record Collector (Side 3)’ Tracklisting:

1. Northern Love Song
2. Stars In Her Eyes
3. Empire Of The Night
4. Girl By The River
5. The DeLuxe
6. A Foolish Symphony (Wait)