Laurie Shaw

Laurie Shaw has released his latest musical offering ‘Lozzabear’.

This 11 track LP is one of his more “chilled” compositions, as Laurie Shaw is a very prolific writer and releases as much music as he can via soundcloud and youtube. In one year he managed to produce 12 albums, which is an incredible feat for anyone. He has made 50 plus records since he was fourteen, after moving from The Wirral to a mountain in Ireland 6 years ago. Considering the sheer volume of music he has released, we’re guessing that the location where he now lives is pretty remote, with not much of a nightlife.

With a whole range of styles from rock, indie, psychedelic sounds, and even throwing in some country and Dylan-esque style sounds, Laurie has produced a musical jukebox with his collection. So if you like to hear an eclectic mix, go check out his soundcloud and bandcamp sites as there is bound to be something of interest for everyone on there.

As well as recording, he can also be found gigging around Cork and sometimes Dublin just with an acoustic guitar.