The Bridesmaid

London-based The Bridesmaid have released their debut 4 track EP ‘Grayson’.

After several years languishing in a long forgotten encrypted file, the tracks were dusted off last year to be mixed and mastered. With the band slowly creaking back into life, and as plans begin to take shape for future recordings and live appearances, these tracks are finally ready to be released. Blending elements of post-rock, shoegaze, post-metal, grunge and black metal, The Bridesmad offer an interesting, instrumental take on modern metal.

JJ Saddington commented: “We’re really thrilled with the feedback we’ve had so far, and we’re really excited to finally get the tracks out there now. Thank you so much to everybody who pre-ordered the album – that was an unexpected compliment to have people put their faith in an unknown band like us. The next step will be live shows, which we’re working towards at the moment.”

‘Grayson’ is available to purchase from their bandcamp page:

‘Grayson’ Track Listing:

1. Oates
2. Ives
3. Aldrin
4. Ballack