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The Virgance Release Ideal Album

The Virgance

UK shoegazer The Virgance has released ‘Paradigm 3’, his third LP in a little over 18 months, on the El Vals del Conejo label.
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Blackpool Astronomy Trip Out New Album

Blackpool Astronomy

Seattle based Blackpool Astronomy have released their album ‘Tripping The Mortal Coil’ via The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records.
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California Death Become Visible

California Death

Richmond based California Death released their debut self-titled album earlier this year.
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Plain Dog Run With New EP

Plain Dog

New York based Plain Dog have released their debut 5 track EP, rather aptly entitled ‘EP’.
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The Bridesmaid Release Debut EP ‘Grayson’

The Bridesmaid

London-based The Bridesmaid have released their debut 4 track EP ‘Grayson’.
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Pure Phase Ensemble Blast Off With Spacefest LP

Pure Phase Ensemble

Pure Phase Ensemble 4 feat. Mark Gardener (RIDE) have released their ‘Live at SpaceFest!’ LP.
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The Future Is Bright For Orange Vision

Orange Vision

Orange Vision will be releasing their latest single ‘Dark Around the Eyes’ on 31 August.
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The Poetry Book Show Promise With New EP

The Poetry Book

Madrid based The Poetry Book have released their sophomore EP ‘Young Martyrs’.
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Ruth Carp and The Fish Heads Reel You In

Ruth Carp and the Fish Heads

Sydney based Ruth Carp and the Fish Heads have released a new single ‘Happiness’.
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