California Death

Richmond based California Death released their debut self-titled album earlier this year.

The album has influences of indie, a heavy dose of psychedelic vibes, which added into the mix is touches of shoegaze, garage and punk pop, to make this a melting pot of upbeat and dreamy songs.

From the infectious opening track ‘Wake Me’ with jangling guitars and a frenetic rhythm, the hazy vocals add to the rich layers of sound. ‘Postmodern Lover’ is over laid with a surf style beat with edges of a punk vibe, as the dark and moody vocals compliment the pace of the track, whilst ‘There Is No Illusion’ has a retro 60’s psychedelic tone. The shoegaze influences comes to the fore on tracks such as ‘Masquerade’ and ‘I Am Trying To Become Invisible’ and whilst the band have created genres that are recognisable, with their own additional twists of notes and arrangements, California Death offer a rich tapestry of melodic songs across the entire album.

California Death formed in 2014 and since then have gained a steady following through their live shows and their debut release this year. With a number of live dates planned to the end of the year, the band will be generating interest beyond the East Coast of the US, and with the release of their debut album, they have laid a solid foundation which will only expand their presence on the global music scene.

California Death are:

Mike Hayes – Vocal, Guitar
Sam Atkinson – Bass
Chris George – Guitar
Chad Hollman – Drums

‘California Death’ Tracklisting:

1. Wake
2. Postmodern Lover
3.There is No Illusion
4. Turn Away
5. Masquerade
6. I Am Trying to Become Visible
7. Daydream