Blackpool Astronomy

Seattle based Blackpool Astronomy have released their album ‘Tripping The Mortal Coil’ via The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records.

Started as a side project by Jeff McCollough a former founding member of 1990’s Seattle Shoegaze band Lapis, Blackpool Astronomy has a dark shoegaze sound with a heavy psych bent that has helped create ‘Tripping The Mortal Coil’. The band create a sonic dream state with endless delays and modulation which offers layer of lush instrumental breaks and intense vocals with a psychedelic edge to them.

The album is a collection of songs inspired by the events around them including a tragic loss of Jeff’s father to cancer in the period of six months and the grief he was feeling. This has brought a much more open sound which has gotten them high marks from various radio stations, fans and music journalists.

‘Tripping The Mortal Coil’ is available from TBTCI Bandcamp page as a digital download:

Blackpool Astronomy are:

Jeff McCollough: Vocals. Guitars, Sequencing
Ben Madonna: Drums
Mandy McGee: Bass, Vocals