Ruth Carp and the Fish Heads

Sydney based Ruth Carp and the Fish Heads have released a new single ‘Happiness’.

With a blend of rock, a heavy dose of some stoner influences, a dash of indie and pysch rock, and a swirl of shoegaze, this is a heady cocktail of genres that sounds just right.

As the name suggests this song is about happiness and for these cats its all about the first beer on a Monday morning or seeing a girl naked for the first time in months. Unlike their smooth sounding debut single ‘High Fidelity’ this track has a degree of meanness to it that makes you say fuck yeah.

Ruth Carp is a ruthless drunk who divides his time evenly between playing guitar, getting high off codeine and drinking alone on park benches. In 2015 after years of playing psych shows with ‘Dead Brian’ he convinced Michael Hennessey (drums), Mitchell Boothey (bass guitar) and Marc Rodriguez (guitar) that they should join his band. After playing a few local Sydney shows and recording their Debut EP at Damien Gerard’s studio in April the band are gearing up for several Single releases and the Launch of Their Debut EP ‘It’s this or the Noose’ in August.