Brooklyn, NY, based Wahrus have released their debut self titled EP.

Combining elements of classic rock, alternative, indie, progressive, funk, psychedelic, experimental, and more, the band is forging a new sound that’s fit for the 21st century. Tremendous energy, precision playing, and an explosive live show are defining characteristics of the Wahrus experience.

Offering the listener a myriad of sounds, with multiple layers in a different style through every song, the EP ranges from a retro, almost garage sound, linked in with heavier styled hooks. It’s hard to define this record into any one style, which contains elements of new wave, indie, an overtone of funk, and even some punk in some tracks but still has an overall vibe of rock about the EP. Wahrus have brought together a strong sound, and have stamped this all over their debut .

The debut EP is available from their bandcamp page:http://wahrus.bandcamp.com/


‘Wahrus’ Track Listing:

1. On And On
2. Seaside City
3. Knowledge
4. Brazen Beat
5. Controller
6. End Of The Line