The Bridesmaid

London-based The Bridesmaid have announced details of their upcoming debut release ‘Grayson’. The band is a new incarnation of an old, long forgotten project that has been recently resurrected.

The four track release is an instrumental journey that takes in elements of post-rock, black metal, shoegaze and grunge.

‘Grayson’ will be self-released via BandCamp on August 10 2015 and is available to pre-order:

Although The Bridesmaid believe that the music is the most important element of creating a commercially available sonic product, the artwork to accompany their upcoming release was created masterfully by Robert Høyem. Robert is the aesthetic shaman behind artworks for the likes of Sahg, Heksed and Kampfar.

Last year, the band released the track ‘Ives’.

‘Grayson’ Track Listing:

1. Oates
2. Ives
3. Aldrin
4. Ballack