Old Best Friend

NY based Old Best Friend have released a debut 11 track album ‘Living Alone’.

Mike Comite is behind Old Best Friend and set to take the band on to the next step of its musical journey. ‘Living Alone’ is steeped in melancholy but at the same time gives a feeling of hope through the tracks. With crunchy guitars, over melodies that soar, with influences of rock, sometimes in a garage style and just a touch of an indie vibe to them at times, this collection of songs is a strong debut from the band.

There are vocals that contrast with light and shade through each song, the combination of the music along with well written lyrics draws you into the musical soundscape created by the band over the 11 tracks. From the upbeat ‘Cold Came With’ to the softer tone of ‘Living Alone’, it has plenty on the record to suit every mood and like best friends in real life, the album is one of those that will always be there for you. Although in essence it is an album that needs no explaination, it just needs to be heard.


‘Living Alone’ tracklisting:

1. Cold Came With
2. Pretty Sure
3. Living Alone
4. King Of Nowhere
5. Conductivity
6. Pause
7. White Picket Fences
8. Trepidation
9. The Truth
10. Divide Your Sleep
11. Now I Don’t