Spells Of Vertigo

Ontario based 3 piece Spells Of Vertigo have released their 3 track EP ‘Soaked’.

With a serious dose of rock, a touch of shoegaze and even a brush with alternative, Spells Of Vertigo have proved with their EP that a range of influences can very much work over just 3 songs. With the short, sharp ‘Telegenic’ that is heavy on fuzz, the vocals have a definite nod towards those days when Britpop ruled over this side of the pond, whilst ‘Clover’ strips it back to those early grunge pioneers. However the record still has a modern feel to it, as shown on ‘Baby Born (With No Brain) where the shoegaze aspect comes more to fore, before a change of pace sees the band rip it up towards the end with some killer sounding riffs.

Lead Singer Keegan Powell on the motivation for the band: “I wanted to create a tool for myself and the band to idealize any creative inclination that came to mind…without feeling like we were straying away from some kind of irrational initial pact which dictates what is correct and not correct. The best thing for us was to create this question mark which we keep coming back to…Where the results are different each time but the raw DNA is always the same…”

‘Soaked’ is available from their bandcamp page in digital download format as well as a limited edition cassette version.



‘Soaked’ Tracklisting:

2. Baby Born (With No Brain)
3. Clover