Versus The World

California based Versus The World have released their new album ‘Homesick/Roadsick’ through Kung Fu Records.

The Santa Barbara, California based quintet, who feature active and past members of legendary punk rock bands, Lagwagon and The Ataris, deliver 11 tracks with a heavy dose of garage based rock and some serious punk pop, whilst also retaining a sound that harks back to the day when harder edged rock emerged from the ashes of nu-metal. With killer riffs, a punk based beat and melodic harmonies, ‘Homesick/Roadsick’ may transport you back to the days of when the young and the hopeless were just a bunch of all American rejects, following on from their new found glory, but Versus The World have managed to maintain their own sense of identity with the album.

The new album ‘Homesick/Roadsick’ is available to order on vinyl, CD and digital download, along with exclusive bundles, here:

‘Homesick/Roadsick’ Tracklisting:

1. The Santa Margarita
2. The Black Ocean
3. A Storm Like Me
4. Seven Thirty One
5. A Brooklyn Rooftop
6. A Sight For Sore Eyes
7. Homesick Roadsick
8. Bullet Train
9. Detox Retox
10. Self Preservation Is Killing Us All
11. Our Song