Artic rockers Lionhorse have released their second album ‘The Boy & The Sun’ via RhinoProd Records.

With a nod to Pearl Jam and Neil Young, Lionhorse pour out valve-driven rock songs with their heart on a sleeve, and a message to their songs. Their latest album is full of soaring and melodic guitars as well as lush harmonies, with a feeling of depth, that all combines to bring an edge to the tracks.

‘The Boy & The Sun’ was recorded in Larsville Studio in the remote mountain village of Stugudal’s old school hut, near to the majestic Norwegian mountains Sylan. The entire album was recorded live, only with vocal overdubs, giving the record a raw energy and warmness. The big and dark drum sound lay down the perfect rails for Lionhorse’s arctic smog train of rock songs.

The albums is available in vinyl, CD and digital release on all major international platforms. A digital booklet available through selected dealers.

Lionhorse are:
Inge Hanshus (drums)
Håvard Ophaug (guitar)
Mads Saurstrø (bass)
Eirik Lian (guitar/vocal)

Website: www.
Twitter: @lionhorse_music

‘The Boy & The Sun’ Track Listing:

1. Surrender
2. The Butterfly E F F E C T
3. Penicillin For Love
4. Rainbow
5. Feather
6. Drum Man
7. Crazy Heart
8. No More
9. I Wish
10. Black White
11. Talking Night
12. Little Planet