Four piece Brothers have released their new EP ‘Somewhere Along The Line’.

Athens based Brothers are an alternative rock band made up of four brothers. Originally known as Brothers In Plug, they released their debut album ‘The Day Just Begun’ in 2011, and soon after they shortened the band name to Brothers.

Brothers incorporate a sound of melodic guitars over a darker sounding vocal, with elements of distortion to make this a rich soundscape. With a catchy rhythm and the addition of keyboards, this compliments the alternative rock sound from the band and the 4 track EP is one that you need to hear.

The EP is available from their bandcamp page:

Brothers are:

Bill Aronidis (lead vocals, guitars)
Damian Aronidis (backing vocals, piano, keyboards)
Kosmas Aronidis (bass, backing vocals)
Elias Aronidis (drums, backing vocals)

Twitter: @brothersbandgr

‘Somewhere Along The Line’ Track Listing:

1. Somewhere Along The Line
2. Wandering in the Dusk
3. Hearing The Breeze
4. Never Fall Apart