People On Vacation


People On Vacation spent the evening entertaining the crowd but this wasn’t just a live show, it was also an education as those there learnt about nasal hygiene, penis envy, that dogging and faggot doesn’t translate the same in the US, and never, ever take a photo of a band member who is near the camera with the flash on.

Acoustic singer songwriter Danny Gruff was chosen by fans to join the People On Vacation tour and he was clearly having a great time doing so, apparently being hungover for the 8 days of the tour, not that you would know from his interaction with the crowd there. Songs such as ‘Wikipedia’ and quite possibly the renamed song ‘Hungover’ in honour of the tour, went down well with the crowd as he changed the lyrics to a few of them and a great sounding voice and upbeat catchy tunes filled the venue. Having also challenging himself to releasing a new song every week for this year, ‘9 Hours’ (how long it took to be dumped) was one of the new ones and ‘Whiskey Legs’ from the EP his mum likes, all went down well with the crowd. Opening the evening, Danny Gruff had been a great choice as it was an entertaing set from him and also set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Having supported People On Vacation last time, 4 piece Lacey were back to bring the tempo up a bit, and many in the crowd already seemed to be fans of the band. With an alternative rock sound, it was straight into their new single ‘Tonight’ with melodic vocals and harmonies as it burst into a massive sounding chorus, and the set was off to a great start. Picking up the pace, the songs at times had a heavier rock sound with a deep set rhythm. With the guitarist mentioning that some photos of him now exist of him in a guitargasm pose, this may have encouraged the crowd to take some more, and was the start of dragging the tone down to a level that would remain for the rest of the evening. With their own personal Jägermeister feeder for the tour, they soon delighted the crowd with their catchy songs. The band were impressed that someone knew what TL meant (top lad in case you are wondering) and were even more impressed by the drummer from POV’s penis size, which got at least one woman in the crowd excited. All of their songs had been popular, with the crowd clapping and singing along to them. ‘Contender’ went down really well with the crowd, so much so that one of them got up on stage to help with backing vocals. Lacey were a great set to watch that was both energetic and entertaining.

Bringing with them a collection of toys to decorate the stage, People On Vacation were here to put on an excellent set from the outset. With Ryan, Rob and Mick all sporting POV t-shirts whilst Jaret was wearing a ‘Ryan Hates Fun’ tee, this was a set packed with songs that were full of catchy hooks and great harmonies as Jaret and Ryan took turns to sing, this was foot stomping stuff. Songs such as ‘Prettiest Girl In The World’, Back To Being Friend’ and ‘Because Of The Sun’ all went down well with the crowd. Glad to be back in Southampton, despite it being the only place in the UK where Jaret had a street brawl with his other band (Bowling For Soup), it wasn’t just about the music though as the crowd were treated to the world according to POV between each song, which at times was a revelation. Even the now notorious flash from a photographer that almost gave Ryan a seizure, as well as banging his head didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of both the band and the crowd, even making light of it by changing the words of ‘Rainy Day’ to include the flash. ‘You May Not Believe In God’ was so catchy everyone was moving along to it and having discussed a number of sexual activities after it, ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’, the Pink cover seemed totally appropriate to be the next song. With Jaret thinking “butt crack” was such a great thing to say after the imaginary piano-playing plumber had made an appearance on the previous song, the night was getting more raucous as it went on, with the crowd joining in as much as the band. Mick, the drummer who had already impressed Lacey with his anatomy, obviously also impressed the other members of POV as an entire song was made up about it, calling it “The Iceberg” and quite possibly the same woman got even more excited over this. There were plenty of songs in the set as well, and the band were sounding on excellent form every time a song was played between the banter, which was just as entertaining. ‘The Bitch Song’ by Jaret’s other band, went down a storm with the crowd, before an encore of ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’, that Slade classic, was the final full band song before Ryan and Jaret ended on a guitars only track. Despite the odd accidents, and with Ryan being a trooper for carrying on after being zapped, People On Vacation had been brilliant to watch and here’s hoping they make a welcome return again. Just remember to turn off all flashes next time.