Athens, Greece based band SixString Noise will be releasing their latest album ‘Snake Side Brotherhood’ on 9th March.

Formed in 2010, the band released their debut album ‘Snowing Bullets While Kissing the Ground’ in 2011, following up with ‘Likewise’ in 2013. With their latest release, this 10 track album features a heavy rock sound, as well as some metal and progressive influences.

From the opening track ‘Until The Day I Die’ with its powerful guitars from the outset, the album explodes into a massive sound, as the vocals and harmonies blend with the heavy rhythm, before the grungy sounding ‘Wreck Me’, with its dark and melodic vocals continues the heavy theme most of album has. ‘Hiatus’ starts more gently before the guitars really pack a punch on this track, whilst the new single from the album ‘Fight Back’ has a deep set rhythm to it that grinds through the song. Tracks ‘Bridges Burned Down’, ‘Didn’t See That Comin’’ and ‘Every Thorn’ are high-octane and riff-fuelled monster sounding tracks that suit the powerful vocals, whilst ‘Drown In Me’ changes the style slightly by being more of a power ballad. The album ends on a more delicate note with ‘Bloom’ which has delicious harmonies over a lighter style, and works really well after listening to 9 tracks of pure power previously. All the songs are well written and there is an intensity to the tracks that makes this a brilliant album to listen to from the very first play.

The single ‘Fight Back’ is available from iTunes and their bandcamp page, with the album release to follow.

The band are on Facebook and Twitter @SixStringNoise
The bandcamp page is
They are also on SoundCloud, ReverbNation and Spotify

‘Snake Side Brotherhood’ Track Listing:

1.Until the Day I Die
2. Wreck Me
3. Hiatus
4. Fight Back
5. Drown In Me
6. Bridges Burned Down
7. Around my Head
8. Didn’t See That Comin’
9. Every Thorn
10. Bloom