Death Ape Disco

Brighton based Death Ape Disco, formed in 2011 or 8000BC depending which version you believe on their Facebook page, have been gaining a lot of interest and with their music full of riff-laden rock along with great vocals and harmonies, it is easy to see why especially with release of their brilliant ‘Supervolcano’ in 2013.

Death Ape Disco are a band that has gritty guitar riffs along with a thundering bass and pounding drums. Add into that melodic and powerful vocals and it is a heady combination of hard-hitting rock elements along with a delicious blend of grunge, stoner and alternative thrown in for good measure.

‘Supervolcano’ is 7 deadly tracks of guitar greatness. From the very first track ‘Kingdom Of Others’ with its monster sound, it doesn’t take long to decide this band produces some of the best songs heard in a long time. With soaring harmonies which are powerful on every track, it makes me wonder how I have only just discovered them recently (well today if I want to be entirely accurate). ‘Suffocate’ with its fast paced riffs and vocals is a myriad of sound and tracks such as ‘Grinding Down The Sun’, ‘Death Ape Disco’ and ‘Mars’ blast out more killer riffs with along with a deadly rhythm section and it is everything rock should be. A downright dirty bass line on ‘Eclipse’ opens the track before melodic vocals coarse through the track like molten lava and instantly grabs the attention. ’10,000 Years’ with an explosive riff throughout, is a maelstrom of sound that you come to expect from a band that mentions some pretty awesome other bands as their influences.

Having played numerous shows including a fair few around the south coast in 2014, the band are currently writing new material which is something to get very excited about. With a new line up, a new record deal, a new album and more touring mooted for next year, 2015 will be the year of Death Ape Disco and their mystical monkeys.

They have also been nominated for Best British Band at the TBFM online Music Industry Awards 2014, where you can cast your vote for them here.

Death Ape Disco are definitely a band that deserve a lot of attention as when awesome sounding rock like this comes along, you instantly need to have the music in your collection.

Death Ape Disco are on Facebook and Twitter @DeathApeDisco, which is full of interesting observations so go give them a follow. Their music can be found on Spotify and ReverbNation You can also purchase their excellent Supervolcano album here