Ten Ton Tabby

London based Ten Ton Tabby have been making a name for themselves since they formed in 2006 and with two excellent EP’s – ‘Music For The Modern Woodsman’ released in 2010 and ‘Stone By Stone’ released in 2014, this band are quite frankly the masters of the riff.

Band members Tom (Guitar/Vocals), Ian (Bass/Vocals), Quinton (Guitar) and Aaron (Drums) have a heavy guitar riff driven sound with a stomping rhythm section over gravelly vocals and melodic harmonies with songs that instantly grab the attention at the very first play. This is rock music where only the loudest volume will suffice as the riffs thunder through each track.

Their debut EP ‘Music For The Modern Woodsman’ is four killer tracks. ‘Modern Living Lie’ and ‘Voice Of The Free’ both start with a pounding drum beat before heavy hitting guitar riffs explode into the tracks. A dirty bass line thunders throughout and it is just a brilliant sound of rock. ‘Bar Brawl (Stray)’ and ‘Betty’ keeps up the pace of those monstrous guitar riffs and has to be one of the best debut EP’s I have heard in a long time.

‘Stone By Stone’, their second 5 track EP, is full of that Ten Ton Tabby sound and just when you thought you had heard some of the best guitar riffs ever with their first EP, opening track ‘9-5’ proves you wrong. This is high-octane riff-driven excellence which resonates throughout the track ending with a killer riff after a rapid vocal delivery. It certainly sets the pulse racing from the very first listen. ‘Ride On To Me’ has such a dirty vibe to it you just want to wallow in the wall of sound that comes at you on this track and makes you wish you could turn it up just a notch higher. ‘Moon Rider’ starts with a delicious bass line, add in the powerful vocals and rhythm and this track definitely gets more than one play as a dangerous guitar riff powers its way through the song. ’Rise & Fall’ is an even heavier sounding song, the riffs playing through the track at a crashing pace with vocals soaring above it all along with some epic guitar playing. If there was any doubt Ten Ton Tabby weren’t masters of the riff then this is the song to prove that they are. ‘Stone By Stone’ the final bonus track with its raw and powerful vocals has a never ending onslaught of riff upon riff that blasts its way through the song and it leaves you reaching for the repeat button as soon as the EP has finished.

Ten Ton Tabby produce some of the best riffs and music I have heard for a long time and combine that with their trademark sound, this is a band that has to be an essential part of any rock music collection.

The band are currently writing new material and are looking to play more shows in 2015. In the meantime their latest EP is available now, along with T-Shirts which will be shipped out in mid December can be found via their website http://www.tentontabby.com and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want some Ten Ton Tabby in their stocking on Christmas Day.

The website for Ten Ton Tabby is http://www.tentontabby.com. They are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/tentontabby and Twitter @tentontabby. They can be heard on Spotify, on their website and http://www.reverbnation.com/tentontabby so go and show the Tabby some interest.