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Klogr Set To Release New Music Bundle In May


Alternative rock/metal band Klogr are set to release a new studio EP which also features live tracks and a live DVD.
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Mataleòn Hit The Target With New EP


Italian based rock band Mataleòn are about to release their latest EP ‘Prospettiva di un’idea’, which translates into ‘Perspective of an idea’. The new 6 track EP has influences from overseas, with a rock, metal and alternative sound to it but with Italian lyrics, although this record proves that you don’t have to understand the language to enjoy great sounding rock music.
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Only Rivals Announce New Single And Tour Dates

Only Rivals

Dublin based alt-rockers Only Rivals have announced their brand new single ‘REPLACE // EXCHANGE’ is set for a digital release on 30th March.
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Malkasian Releases New Single ‘Ghost’


Recently signed with independent label Dead Industry Records, Pennsylvania based Malkasian has released a new single ‘Ghost’, from the forthcoming re-release of the debut self-titled album.
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Coffee Jingle Records To Host Second Festival In April

Coffee Jingle

South Coast based Coffee Jingle Records will be holding its second Coffee Jingle Festival at The Joiners in Southampton on Friday 17th April, with tickets priced at just £5 in advance. The festival features 7 bands and doors will open from 6 p.m., with the event ending at midnight.
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Dinosaur Eyelids Talk To You With Latest Album

Dinosaur Eyelids

New Jersey based Dinosaur Eyelids released their 4th studio album ‘Bypass To Knowhere’ in December 2014. Having already released their debut album ‘Winter Solstice’ in 2009, second album ‘Down a River’ in 2011 and third album ‘Conflagration’ in 2012, this has been a much anticipated album from the band.
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Bishop Make Their Move With Latest Album


New York based power trio Bishop released their latest album ‘Hate Wide Open’ in January 2015.

Formed in 1998 and comprising of brothers Tom Semeraro (Guitars, Lead Vocals), Rocco Semeraro (Drums, Vocals) and Vinny Padula (Bass, Vocals), their latest album, which the band produced themselves, is 12 tracks of impressive sounding rock.
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Dogheart Ignites With Debut Album


Portland band Dogheart have released their debut album ‘What Burns the Best’ on 17th February and is a 10 track album which incorporates a number of styles, but all the songs have a great rock sound to them.
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The Danger O’s Turn It Up With New Album

The Danger O's

Philadelphia based The Danger O’s have announced that their 3rd album ‘Turn It Up’ has just been released.

Their latest 10 track album is now available on their bandcamp page to either purchase as a digital download immediately or to pre-order the physical formats that will be released on CD, Cassette and Vinyl in the near future.
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