Italian based rock band Mataleòn are about to release their latest EP ‘Prospettiva di un’idea’, which translates into ‘Perspective of an idea’. The new 6 track EP has influences from overseas, with a rock, metal and alternative sound to it but with Italian lyrics, although this record proves that you don’t have to understand the language to enjoy great sounding rock music.

With its heavy chords from the outset, along with dark and atmospheric vocals, this is a powerful sounding EP. As the guitars and heavy rhythm combine with intricate melodies, the songs have an impressive quality about them.

The 6 tracks are entirely self-produced and the band have also released a video for the single ‘Atari’ to tie in with the EP release.

Mataleòn are:
Tommaso Di Blasi : Vocals/Guitar
Andrea Giuliani : Guitar
Manuel Schiavone : Bass
Daniele Bocola : Drums

Find them online at:
Twitter: @Mataleonband