The Danger O's

Philadelphia based The Danger O’s have announced that their 3rd album ‘Turn It Up’ has just been released.

Their latest 10 track album is now available on their bandcamp page to either purchase as a digital download immediately or to pre-order the physical formats that will be released on CD, Cassette and Vinyl in the near future.

Justin Johnson (Vocals/Bass), Dan Metzker (Guitar), Abe Koffenberger (Guitar) and Nick Palmer (Drums/vocals) have released something every year since 2008, when they released their debut album ‘Nineteen Ninety Four’, following in 2011 with their 18 track second album ‘Play Their Hits’. The band have also released a number of singles and EP’s.

The Danger O’s have also released a new single from the album ‘Debt Collectors’, which has a catchy beat as well as a slightly retro tone and is an excellent introduction to the rest of the album. The single is available in both digital download and 7” Limited Edition Lathe Cut Vinyl.

The CD and Cassette versions of ‘Turn It Up’ should be available around 5th March, with the vinyl version of the album expected to be available in late Spring. All 3 versions of the album come with unlimited streaming plus a high quality download once any pre-orders have been made.

The website for the band is They are on Facebook and Twitter @TheDangerOs
The bandcamp page for the band is, which features their entire back catalogue as well as their latest album.

‘Turn It Up’ Track Listing:

1. In a Test Case
2. The Runaround
3. Debt Collectors
4. Shrimp Corner Discotheque
5. Take it Slow
6. Heart of the Jungle
7. The Things You Do
8. The Meaning of Art
9. Think Small
10. Hang in There, Lucy