Release date: 14 October 2016

Bristol rockers Illustr8ors are set to release their self-titled EP this October. Formerly known as BlackWolf, they produced a brilliant debut album ‘The Hunt’ but now they are back with their new release and are set to unleash their fresh new sound with 4 tracks of scintillating rock.

Produced by Toby Jepson, who has worked with The Virginmarys, Saxon and Chrome Molly, his expertise has enabled Illustr8ors to build on their previous style and to make their sound even more immense than before.

Opening with ‘Swimming With Anchors’, the guitars crash into the opening bars into an almighty riff and already it feels like home. As the melodic vocals of Scott Sharp soar over the heavy rhythm, it grabs your attention immediately. Highlighting living with depression, this song draws on inner strength and sends out an uplifting message that reaches out to you as you listen.

‘Shush Shush’ rises in temperature, with a pounding drum that forms the backbone of the song to give a funky vibe to the overall sound. As the falsetto is cranked up to the max with its raw power in the chorus, the bile of the song trips off the tongue like a machine gun spraying bullets and you reach for that volume button.

With a crunchy riff that burrows deep into the brain, recent single ‘Your Animal’ grooves in an infectious way to produce a rock monster. Powerful, magnificent, its struts around like the king of the jungle and you feel the rawness of this track in every note. This is rock exactly as it should be.

With no let up to the blistering pace of the songs, ‘Something Biblical’, the final track on the EP, crashes into a sonic soundscape of big riffs, big vocals and makes the pulse race as your hear it. Written about being daring, an epic guitar solo and dirty bassline stamps its mark all over this one. Bold, in your face rock, this track out of all them firmly tells you Illustr8ors have arrived.

With 4 tracks of hard, heavy rock, Illustr8ors have returned with a blinding EP and are set to win over a whole new legion of fans with this excellent debut. The only complaint would be there is not enough of it, as every track on the record has left you desperate to hear more from them.


‘Illustr8ors’ Tracklisting:

1. Swimming With Anchors
2. Shush Shush
3. Your Animal
4. Something Biblical

You can pre-order the EP at:

The band are out on tour with Toseland from 28th September so make sure you catch them at one of the dates as they are excellent live.




Illustr8ors is:

Scott Sharp – Vocals

Jason Cronin – Rhythm Guitar

John Greenhill – Lead Guitar

Ben Webb – Bass Guitar

Thomas Lennox-Brown – Drums