Stellar Temple, a French four-piece band inspired by the tradition of 80/90’s (hard)heavy/rock/grunge heroes, have released a debut full-length album ‘Domestic Monster’.

Releasing the album through the new music label company NewDeal Music, the record is available as a CD and digital download from Bandcamp:

The ten tracks pack a powerful punch, with opener ‘Ouverture’ kicking off the album in true rock and roll style. With the hypnotic ‘Strange Dreams’ rattling around the brain and the filthy bass of ‘My Gun’ making you press repeat more than once, every track across the album offers the listener something new and fresh each time, whether there is a delicious stoner vibe or a more traditional grunge element. The blusier ‘Under The Morning Sky’ once again shows off another dimension to album by introducing a different sound again, before the heavier ‘Rumours’ flirts with a metal core style of heavier riffs. With so many twists and turns throughout, it is an album that is going to keep you interested for a long time.

Formed in 2013 around two musicians Thomas Kieffer (Thomas Kieffer Band) & David Yusser (Y Front, Mumbai Queen), Stellar Temple is joined a few months later by two other members Nicolas aka Nic-U (MeAsTheDevil, Mumbai Queen, Skull…) and his co-conspirator into MeAsTheDevil and Skull Marc Strebler in order to write and record songs inspired by the last 25 years of rock hymns.

‘Domestic Monster’ Track listing:

  1. Ouverture
  2. Fucking Miles Away
  3. Strange Dreams
  4. My Gun
  5. So Beautiful
  6. Almost
  7. Better Behave like a rat in a box
  8. Under the Morning Sky
  9. Rumours
  10. Helly Days