Chasing Colors

Minneapolis based Chasing Colors have released their debut ‘Chasing Colors’ EP.

Opening with the lighters in the air power rock ballad style of ‘Airplanes’, their indie-rock anthemic sound instantly grabs your attention, as the melodic vocals soar over a massive sounding rhythm. ‘Heartbeats’ ups the tempo to produce a more rock and roll sound with a touch of a soulful vibe, before ‘It’s All Okay’ crashes in with crunchy guitars and once again that big sounding chorus rises above the guitars. Rounding off the 4 tracks, ‘May Break May Fall’ takes on a grungier sound, where the vocals take centre stage before the harmonies rise into a crescendo of sound through the song, to finish off an EP that is excellent throughout.

The band are all original members of the 1980s/early 90s Minneapolis, MN The Colour, which back in the day were compared to The Cure, U2 and even The Cars. Louie Paretta (Lead Vocals/Guitar), David Wagner (Bass/Vocals), David E. Paquette (Drums/Vocals) and Scott Patton (Lead Guitar/Vocals) have written and professionally recorded original songs all through their careers but were just never able to get past handing their cassette demo tapes out to their fans at live shows, eventually scattering over the country and doing their own projects. In 2014 the original band got back together, resulting in the release of their first ever EP. You have to be rather glad they did.

The EP is available from their bandcamp page in digital download and CD format.

‘Chasing Colors’ Tracklisting:

1. Airplanes
2. Heartbeats
3. It’s All Okay
4. May Break May Fall