São Paulo based Blacklist have released their new 4 track EP ‘The Killer’.

The opening title track ‘The Killer’ unleashes a heavy guitar riff as the rhythm pounds behind a rock vibe. With a gravelly vocal that powers its way through the song, this is rock and roll goodness all wrapped up in a melodic tone. ‘Gimme All’ continues to keep pace alongside the crunchy guitars, with touches of the old school of rock heard through the track, before ‘Inside’ thunders into the EP with a thumping drum beat and the guitars chug out a fuzzy riffest. Darker and deeper vocals surround this almost stoner vibe to the track. ‘Rock And Roll Man’ does just what is says on the tin, the melodic guitars release their grungy sound over a raw and powerful vocal to round off 4 tracks of adrenaline-fuelled rock.

Formed in 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil, the band comprises of Angelo Malka, Lipe Rodrigues, Patrick Macguinness and Martin Guderle. While hype comes and goes the Blacklist party hard and wake up in the sidewalk with firestorm riffs and insane vocals singing anthems about cars, women, drugs and lots and lots of beer.

Many bands want to reinvent the wheel, as others think the wheel works just fine…just need to keep rolling. Blacklist belongs in the second case. The band believes that despite all…rock’n’roll is doing just fine. Amen to that.

You can stream the EP via soundcloud.

‘The Killer’ Tracklisting:

1. The Killer
2. Gimme All
3. Inside
4. Rock’n Roll Man