Warm Brains

Warm Brains, aka Rory Attwell, ex-Test Icicles, Kasms, RAT:ATT:AGG and producer, engineer extraordinaire is set to return with his first full album ‘Big Wow’, since the release of ‘Old Volcanoes’ back in 2011.

The new album is set for release on November 6th through Milk Milk Lemonade Records. ‘Pink Blackpool Rock’ is the first song to be released from the album and is, according to Rory, “about people in history who have had thoughts and ideas that have been considered to be complete insanity but with the passing of time those ideas have been regarded as very intuitive, progressive and highly valuable.

Rory played and recorded almost everything himself on the album – playing, recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, the lot. He did have some small assistance from Max Bloom from Yuck, who trumpeted on a ‘I Pedal Faster’, Katherine Whitaker from Evans The Death, who sang on ‘Now That I’m Boring’ and Robin Silas from Male Bonding who also drummed on the aforementioned track. Big wow, indeed.

“It’s a juvenile album title designed to inflect a degree of self-deprecation to perhaps distract from my secret belief that I’m dead good at music,” explains Rory. “Actually, here’s a little known fact. 92% of musicians think that they’re misunderstood geniuses 21% of the time, 42% of the time they’re frantically scrabbling around trying to find food and hunting for the bullion required to pay their board and lodging (much the same as pretty much all other humans) and the other 37% is spent feeling like a worm being crushed by the weight of one’s own insignificance in the ever expanding universe. Of course there are some individual who are exceptions to the rule who think they’re ‘the tits’ 84% of the time and have the adept ability of convincing the gullible amongst us that they’re right, only one day to be found out as the charlatans they really are, eventually to face public ridicule when their antics become insufferable, we all know the type.”

Pre-order the album at: http://www.milkmilklemonade.co.uk