Mighty Ships

We’re Trying Records has announced the signing of Illinois based Mighty Ships, who have just released their EP ‘The Coastal Midwest’ on the label.

Along with the newly released 5 track record, the band have also released their new single ‘Raincheck’.

With an anthemic sound, Mighty Ships have a sound that incorporates many layers to give their songs a heavy feel to them. With masses of crunchy guitars and powerful vocals and harmonies, there is an alternative edge to their music, with touches of garage and a hint of punk pop to make a powerful debut for Mighty Ships.

What started as a solo project of frontman Tyler Bachman, has slowly morphed into a three-piece, post-rock band that has left a lasting impression on the DIY scene around Normal, Illinois. Over a year ago, Tyler found himself in-between bands. He started writing songs in a style he had always been interested in, but never really had a chance to pursue. With what Christmas money he had left and some help from his friend Harry — the band’s current bassist — Tyler recorded two songs. These songs made up the band’s first demo ‘Awakening’.

‘The Coastal Midwest’ is available from their bandcamp page.



‘The Coastal Midwest’

1. Tom Waits
2. Raincheck
3. A Signed Lenny Dykstra Rookie Card
4. The Coastal Midwest
5. Richmond, VA