The Mojo Slide

The Mojo Slide will be releasing their debut album ‘Twist Your Bones’ on 14th November via Do It Records.

Opening track ‘Addicted’ unleashes a rock and roll sound, a touch of the blues, and has a delicious combination of styles that showcases their many layers of sound, from the guitars, the heavy rhythm, a grooving piano and those excellent gravelly vocals that all combine to produce a Cambridge Delta Blues sound from them. ‘Jesus Don’t Love Me’ has a dirty sound, an upbeat tempo that has the foot stomping from the outset. Who cares that Jesus may not love them, as everyone else will and praise to the lord that this band exists.

Showcasing a softer side, ‘Smiling ‘is slightly stripped back, but is still is a powerful anthem and a lighters in the air moment as the harmonies shine through. With a filthy riff that invades your brain, ‘High’ is a storming track, as the rhythm bumps and grinds over a vocal that rises off the scale, and with a crunchy guitar solo, this is a oh yeah moment as the bass rattles to a delicious groove. ‘Make You Bleed’ has a blues infused vibe and the thumping rhythm stomps all over this with steel capped boots. Full of fuzzy goodness, or perhaps we just have this song a tad too loud, the psychedelic kaleidoscope of notes explodes all over the song.

Recent single ‘Bad In Every Bone’ is southern to the core, with a gorgeous slide to the guitar riffs, that transports you to the heart of Texas, rather than the eastern stretches of the UK. With an infectious chorus, this song is one of those earworms that burrows its way into your head and refuses to leave. ‘Rattlesnake Humbug Blues’ returns to the rock and roll, and making the 50’s seem oh so cool again, this style of music also sounds totally relevant in the here and now. Starting off with an organ for the intro, ‘The Ballad Of Satan The Devil’ explodes into a maelstrom of delicious riffs and the dark vocals compliment the heaviness of the song. With a beat that drums out a powerful tattoo, the bands’ dark side is unleashed on this one.

‘Little Bird’ flutters its way through the album, with a change of tempo once again, and has a more soulful sound to make this a powerful ballad. ‘Drunk Dog Blues’ is a 12 bar blues infused rock and roll extravaganza of sound, that has an intricate arrangement which cleverly gives the impression it is an impromptu jam. Ending the album with ‘The Sky Is Falling In’, it is a final chance to savour the distinctive sound The Mojo Slide produce. Heavy, pulsating, packed full of monstrous riffs and a big vocal, this song again grabs the attention as soon as the track starts, with a filthiness to make you blush, or thrill, depending on how dirty you like it. Lyrically the album is also very strong and with the odd mention of the devil thrown in, this is one record we would sell our soul for.

‘Twist Your Bones’ is stunning from start to finish and The Mojo Slide are a very strong contender for the debut album of the year.

The Mojo Slide will be holding an album launch party on 14 November at The Corner House in Cambridge, where you will be able to get your mitts on a CD copy of the album at the event. The album will be also be available in digital download format.

Formed in late 2011, The Mojo Slide is a group of musicians united in their passion for blues inspired alternative music. Hailing from Cambridge and St Neots, Cambridgeshire, they play a mixture of classic rock ‘n’ roll, blues/rock and blues rooted alternative.

‘Twist Your Bones’ Tracklisting:

1. Addicted
2. Jesus Don’t Love Me
3. Smiling
4. High
5. Make You Bleed
6. Bad In Every Bone
7. Rattlesnake Humbug Blues
8. The Ballad Of Satan The Devil
9. Little Bird
10. Drunk Dog Blues
11. The Sky Is Falling In