Following on from of their successful EP/live album ‘Make Your Stand’ in May 2015 and 2014’s ‘Black Snow’ – Klogr have announced that they are working with producers Jody Gray and Roberto Priori in preparation for a new album release in 2016.

Frontman/guitarist Rusty confirms “The writing sessions with PQ (Klogr guitarist Pietro Quilichini, who joined the band for ‘Make Your Stand’) have been extremely creative. We’ve established a great understanding and harmony; the results have been incredible. Klogr can’t wait to start working on the production of our third album.”

To date, Klogr’s ‘Black Snow’ and ‘Make Your Stand’ have received rave reviews from the likes of Metal Hammer, Terrorizer Magazine, Firebrand Magazine and Get Ready To Rock, but it’s not just the band’s studio work that’s been getting praised. Klogr are renowned for their high energy, professional live performances which has seen them sharing stages with the likes of Prong, Guano Apes and Limp Bizkit.