The self-proclaimed “greatest metalcore band in the world”, Chuggaboom, return after dividing the rock world’s opinion with news that their debut album ‘Zodiac Arrest’ has just been released.

Here to make a serious impact on the music world with their blend of “brutal screams”, “soaring cleans”, “dirty chugs” and “heartfelt lyrics” the “most original band on the scene” are looking to bring their “unique sound” and “dynamism” to as many ears as possible. Inspired by Asking Alexandria, Capture the Crown, 90’s Cartoons and “bitches”, ChuggaBoom are here to sell their own brand of Awesomecore to the masses, ably aided by waistcoat and top-hat-sporting guitarist John Virgo.

In reality, the anonymous five piece – whose interests include “breakdowns, chicken giblets, necromancy, Gary Lineker and allotments” – are making a stand against what they see as a saturated and dumbed down rock music market, intent on showing just how easy it is to put together the impression of professionalism in an age where style so often trumps substance.

With the release of ‘Zodiac Arrest’ (the best record since ABBA recorded ‘Gold’) Chuggaboom, just like almost every other band you’ll read about today, are poised to take over the UK. What a terrifying thought.

The album is available from iTunes, Amazon, and from their bigcartel site as a limited edition CD . As they say, buy their shit.

‘Zodiac Arrest’ tracklisting:

1. Raise the Roofie
2. Unfriendly Operations Up On The Roof
3. Mad Skills Brah!
4. 14 Year Olds Have Sex More Than Me
5. A BBQ In Antarctica
6. Smoke Rings of Saturn
7. Fat Guy In A Little Coat 1
8. #TBT That Time I Made Out With Your Sister
9. Humorously Elongating The Title Of This Song
10. Ohana Means Family (You Bastard)
11. I Just Had Sex (Bonus Track)