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Chuggaboom Release Their Mindwarp


The self-proclaimed “greatest metalcore band in the world”, Chuggaboom, return after dividing the rock world’s opinion with news that their debut album ‘Zodiac Arrest’ has just been released.
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Gone By Tomorrow Are The Future

Gone By Tomorrow

In the lead up to the release of their new EP ‘Blank Future’ on the 16th of October, Southampton metalcore mob Gone By Tomorrow have released a new video for ‘Homecoming’.
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Heck Announce New Single And Tour


Heck, the band formally known as Baby Godzilla, wrestled to the ground by a Japanese cinema giant who legally halted them from using their band name, will be releasing their new single ‘The Breakers’, to be released digitally through the newly-founded label NPAG Industries on newly-founded label NPAG Industries.
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Gone By Tomorrow Announce September UK Tour

Gone By Tomorrow

Gone By Tomorrow have recently announced a series of UK tour dates for September with Opheon.
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Incarcerate Sign Record Deal, New EP To Follow In May


Stoke-on-Trent heavy metal quintet Incarcerate have announced their singing to Boston, MA based label We Are Triumphant (Victory Records). The band will also be releasing their self-titled EP on 12th May in the UK via digital download.
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