My Son The Bum

Oceanside, NY based band My Son The Bum have released a number of videos using an animated puppet sock.

Using music and animation to highlight current issues and observances about life in general, subjects such as social media obsession, texting whilst driving, and the joys of family at Christmas are all topics in the videos.

In addition to the video, the band have also released an album ‘Follow Me, Like Me’ which is available to stream and download from the website as well.

My Son The Bum is a unique artistic project created by Brian Kroll. Playing with a core of studio musicians, Brian crafts energetic original concepts and songs. Brian and My Son The Bum is more than a band, they are a multimedia experience. John O.Reilly of Trans Siberian Orchestra also features on drums on the songs.

Check out the website to view all of the video’s.