Juliana Strangelove

Russian Contralto Rock singer Juliana Strangelove has released a new double A-side single ‘Obsession/Moscow Heterosexual Blues’.

With a dark and smoky voice that powers its way through both tracks, ‘Obsession’ has a more mellow vibe, whilst ‘Moscow Heterosexual Blues’ has more of an organic power, with a rockier soundscape and harmonies that have an edgy tone to them.

Being in England for a month in 1998 led Juliana to hear Britpop and has led her on a music journey since writing her first song in 1999. Having also spent time in the US, she returned to Russia and has now released her debut single. Due to her unique and sultry voice, an appearance on the Voice in Russia a few years ago caused controversy with many incorrectly assuming Juliana was transsexual (she has always been female), and given the intolerance in the country, ‘Moscow Heterosexual Blues’ is about that experience.