Blimp Rock

Those enterprising and persevering marketing strategists and band, Blimp Rock, have released a new single and video for ‘My Mind Is A Shark’.

Animated by Parker Bryant, ‘My Mind Is A Shark’ is a tribute to those of us who have busy brains. Whether your head is filled with to do-list items, social media statuses or blimp specifications, it’s safe to say there are no shortage of ways for things to get crowded in the ole’ noggin. Blimp Rock invites you to add another thing to the pile while hoping that it somehow helps lighten the load.

Despite the disappointing news that their $700k festival on a blimp floating over Lake Ontario is taking a little longer to fund than hoped for, due to the instability of the Chinese market, Volkswagen telling porkies about their emissions and with it being the run up to Christmas, the band are bravely forging ahead with raising funds by releasing albums, touring as a relatively unheard of Southern Ontario rock band, and selling vintage office supplies such as rolodexes, fax machines and floppy discs, which can be purchased from their website.

Check out their FAQ to find out more about the project:
Twitter: @blimprocklive